Expert Suzuki Service & Repair In Dubai

Suzuki Trouble?

Don't worry, we got you!

“Car Guys” soon to be reliable name for quality and affordable Suzuki Service in Dubai. You can book through our Car Guys App from the comfort of your home. Our specialist Suzuki Mechanic can service your car in quickest time in Dubai. We also offer free collection and delivery service to ensure you can get all this done from home. While you work on what you are good at, we work on where we are specialized in.

We perform below services and repairs. Some of the most common SUZUKI maintenance services include:


Suzuki Battery Replacement

  • Suzuki Computerized Battery Tests
  • Suzuki Battery Services
  • Suzuki Battery Cable Tests
  • Suzuki Comprehensive Electrical Check

Suzuki Engine Repair

  • Suzuki Engine Tuning
  • Suzuki Engine Detailing
  • Suzuki Engine Diagnosis
  • Suzuki Complete Engine Overhaul

Suzuki AC Repair

  • Suzuki Ac Diagnostics & Leak Test
  • Suzuki Ac Gas Refill
  • Suzuki Ac Compressor Repair
  • Suzuki Full Ac System Flushing Service

Suzuki Oil Change

  • Suzuki Premium Oil Change
  • Suzuki Oil Filter Change
  • Suzuki Oil Flushing
  • Suzuki 360-Degree Health Check

Suzuki Transmission Repair

  • Suzuki Transmission Inspection
  • Suzuki Transmission Programming
  • Suzuki Transmission Oil Filter Services
  • Suzuki Gearbox Overhauling Services

Suzuki Wheel Alignment

  • Suzuki Computerized Wheel Alignment
  • Suzuki Tire Balancing Services
  • Suzuki Wheel Angle Fixing
  • Suzuki 360-Degree Health Check

Suzuki Detailing

  • Suzuki Polishing
  • Suzuki Interior Cleaning
  • Suzuki Exterior Cleaning
  • Suzuki Detailing

Suzuki Timing Belt Replacement

  • Timing belt change
  • Cambelt replacement
  • Timing chain replacement
  • Timing belt adjustment

Engine Oil Brands